Southwestern Pennsylvania

Title, Edition: Southwestern Pennsylvania,
Copy Number: 1
Place of Publication: California, PA
Publisher: Museum of Southwestern Pennsylvania
Publication Date: 1984
Number of Pages: 64
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Description: "In this issue we look at two ethnic groups that are relatively small but have been in this area since its earliest days: the Blacks and the English. And while these groups are scattered throughout this region, we have added the additional feature of focusing on the Monongahela River and in particular two of its communities, Brownsville and Monongahela City, both of which have prominent Black communities and express in themselves two parts of the English heritage, the Quaker and Episcopalian denominations." [From About this Issue]

The Archives has only the no. 4 (1984) issue.

Donated to the Archives by Ida Belle Frezzell Minnie.